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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Forgive Them All

Sometimes I wake up and I have this apprehensive feeling.
A worried knot in my stomach that only exists now
in that place between asleep and awake where dreams and reality mix.
It's a fear that's been part of me for a really long time.
Real and tangible.
As I wake up, and realize I'm okay and it can't hurt me anymore
I begin to hate the people and situations that put it there and
Harmed me in these lasting ways.
Then I look around my home and I think of my amazing Partner and I pity those people and feel compassion for them. I accept the situations as life experience.
Because everyone...even those that hurt me...should be as happy as I am in my life.
I forgive them all.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fear (concept draft)

And so it was that I came to a clearing in my favorite woods.
The sun shone in the middle just across a stream in front of me
I walked to the edge and knelt at the bank.
The Waterkeeper looked up at me
Denying me entry to the light.
His knowing gaze does nothing
To hide an equally knowing fear
He won't be reasoned with
He won't give up
He is impassable
Were it not for one thing
He is merely a reflection
Scattered to ripples
At the slightest touch
To be left behind
As I head to the light.