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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Still yourselves and quiet your mind
For the Heartsmith is near
Nary a word will he utter
Nor will he shed a tear
Fixed is his purpose
And you're what draws him near.

Dreams of great love
Shall slay the Mare of the night
When the Heartsmith has arrived
Standing ready to forge with might
That which has been tossed away
He will repair what has made you contrite

And by his lessons do abide
Gather in your hands the million little pieces
Present them to the Heartsmith, child
Then step back to hear his thesis
The Heartsmith has heard tell, I promise
And knows a broken heart shan't cause true love's decreases

The unforgivable past
Leave your heart, broken, in his care
Allow that which has been unspoken
Now to be laid bare
The Heartsmith will hear your tale
He will repair your heart, and never will there be a fare

Grows anew
From a seedling of hope
Leave behind fear and sorrow
For 'unlovable' is naught but trope
The Heartsmith knows of no challenge
With which you can't cope

See what the Heartsmith has brought
A breathtaking, perfect work of art
That which was torn asunder
Shall never again be apart
For by adding his own unto yours
He comes to present, your repaired and unbroken heart!

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