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Thursday, June 11, 2015


The light from the street came in through the window
Shining on you like it was a spotlight lighting your stage
With me as your audience
And as you lay there beside me
Existence itself became clear
And the words began to rise from my chest
Will you hear me when I tell you?

If co-dependency is an addiction
Then I want to smoke it
And roll higher and higher with the mist
Floating somewhere far from here
I want to drink it
And sink into Wonderland
Down the Rabbit hole, late for an important date
I want to slam it
And suffer the needle chill
Lost in the lights of pure energy in heaven
I want it all
And I'll beg, borrow, steal
or Kill
To get what I want


If co-dependency is a construct
Keeping apart what we are
From what we're meant to be
Then I want to be lifted
And I want to lift; floating somewhere far from here
I want to contemplate that
Matter is energy condensed to slow vibration
And energy can't be created or destroyed
So we must be the same
Two and One against the world
Lost in the lights of pure energy in heaven
I have it all
And I'll give it all in return
In Love
Never alone again

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