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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I am the basis for your division
Without me you will never be full
I am the sum of your isolated incidents
I am semiperfect and self-descriptive
I am the explosion of your heated passion
Your blood could never boil in anger if it weren’t for me
I am the will of legislation
You are bought and sold at my hand
I’ve seen more years than nearly anyone alive
I can save your life

The individual within your group
I burn brightly as the Sun
The microcosm of your macrocosm
I escorted Christ to his condemnation
I am the tears that make the river of your Sin
I am ordinal perfection
I am Dante’s Divine Comedy
A vigilant overseer 
I am the eyes of Argus
The Verbe de Dieu

I am to be crowned as King
The creation of order from chaos
I am the achievement of all your dreams
I am the path to inner peace
The determination of your secrets
I am the discovery of the absolute and completely hidden
Supremely perfect
I am the Universal Energy
Bringing new beginnings
I am the end of the road

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