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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror
Tell me a tale
Not of the fairest
Nor of the beast
Weave the tale of what you see
When I gaze into the window of your soul

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Is it me that hangs on ev'ry word
Perhaps it's you
Speaking the truth
So bold it can't be understood

Mirror, mirror
Shall I look closely
To see the ugliness inside
Cold hard honesty
Reflected in your deadpan smile
Sending shivers down my spine

Mirror, mirror
What do you see
The image of a man
Plus the reflection of what's behind him
Do I look at what you see
Or what's in sight beyond

Mirror, mirror
What do I see
A reflection of pain
Soothed with platitude and rhyme
Rising to the surface and above
A scar that never heals

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
What is true
Comes from those who call
And who is fairest
Are the healers known only as 'friend'

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