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Monday, February 8, 2016

Dancing At Night

They danced in the moonlight
A seductive waltz in traditional triple time
With bodies speaking in the language of sensual seduction
And the Earth opened beneath their feet
Welcoming them to the cosmos
As they danced and danced
Into the eyes of nebulae
Through event horizons and
Past the absolute magnitude of the stars
They danced through the night
In the blackness of the sky
Over the darkness of the ocean at nighttide
With eyes connected through knowing glances
Soft secrets shared only between lovers
Partners to a dance stepped out in time
Two hearts beating as one
And in the chill of the morning
They held each other close and
Oh so tight
Fearing the love they’d found dancing in the night
Would evaporate in the harsh light of the morning

Friday, February 5, 2016


Eyes as blue and clear as the sky
When I look into forever
And realize how small I am
Standing in the vastness of everything that ever was
Reaching for your hand so I can
Hold on to a love that has gone unspoken for far too long
Erasing all the broken love that came before
The result of lies, cowardice and the machinations of the petty
All gone
A hallucination of life disguised as a slow death
Lost down the rabbit hole
Replaced with you, so beautiful
Everything I ever want to be
Looking in those blue eyes now
Begging, just hold my heart, patiently
Because it’s those eyes that draw me back
Making me see I’m better than I was
Whole, happy and ready to live
The life I imagined
The only one I ever need to know
As waiting fades into now
And it’s me and you across the world
Redeemed in the eyes of the only Gods we’ve ever known:
The men behind crystal blue eyes
Looking into forever