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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Love Letter

You lay dreaming in a beautiful slumber
The next room may as well be half a world away
Soft snores and twitches in your eye betray
The story behind your eyes
None will ever know
And it is in this mystery that I remember you
The soft blue of your eyes that look so full of love
The shape of your mouth as you speak
Leaving me hanging by the thread of your next word
A smile that is so much like a hug I want to wrap myself up in it
I remember your love
The way you can make every day seem not so bleak.
So, here we stand
In the middle of the future we used to dream about
Nothing like we planned
Yet everything we knew would happen
And I've run out of words
Because the feelings became so huge
And I will love you.
And I will want you.
And I will feel you.
And I will feel for you.
Until you wake up
Rested and ready to live our dream

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