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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Box

All you have to do is get into the box
That's all
Just climb in and wrap yourself up in the warm embrace of
The Standard
The Status Quo
Take comfort in the fact that YOU are just like everyone else
YOU are made to order and
Fit to be king.
All you have to do is get into the box
This box is custom designed for you
Made for only you and one size fits most
You can be yourself
See yourself
Love yourself in this box
And once you're inside you will have
Security of comformity
Because no matter what's inside this box
It's all the same to the rest of us
We love you just the way you are and
It doesn't matter to us what's inside the box
All we need to know is that we can relate
To the outside
All you have to do is get into the box
That's all
Then you get a wife
You get kids
You get a car and a job
You get a house and
You even get a
It won't cost much
Not much at all
Just three easy payments of
With an additional cost of
Confidence and Pride
But that's just to cover the shipping and handling
Just one last reminder that
Individual results may vary and we are not responsible for
Heartache, Heartbreak, Depression, Concession, Rape due to no meaning yes,
Fear of abandonment, sudden codependency,
increase in thoughts or feelings of wishing for love, Desperate loneliness
(especially in crowded rooms or social situations) feelings of unworthiness and
a Sharp increase in feelings of parnoia and/or broken promises.
All you have to do is get in the box.
All you have to do is
Fit in . . .

The box.

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